Before we offer you anything, we will get to know you. Do you operate in international markets? Do you have international partners? Do you deal with banks? With suppliers? Do you obtain technology from abroad? Do you need international certificates?

Before we get started in earnest, we'll sign a non-disclosure agreement and then get to know you a bit better. If you entrust us with additional materials – catalogues, price lists, presentations, we can get to work. We will perform a language audit. If you can provide us with one or more experts to help out, so much the better.

The result will be an audit report and a preliminary terminology glossary. After mutual agreement, you can start using it internally. We will work with it in all other areas of our cooperation with you – consultations, translations, interpreting and special training. If you are satisfied with our work, we will create a style guide tailored to your company.

But we hope that this is not where our cooperation ends. At this point, we will be experts in your company and your field. It would be a shame to let that go to waste. We can now apply our knowledge and offer you our full range of language and communication services, from consultations, proofreading, translation, in-person interpreting, and simultaneous interpreting to teaching and training foreign language and communication skills for the situations you find yourself in…

Our team

We are a team of linguists that can boast of long-term experience

in foreign language instruction, translation, and interpreting, we have dozens of publications in the field of linguistics, business communication, negotiation, lexicology and lexicographical work.

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