Style Guide

Does your company have a set standard of foreign language communication? Was it created by linguists working with experts in your field? Do all employees adhere to your standard when communicating? The style guide is a document that helps address these issues. At present in the Czech Republic, style guides are utilised more by foreign companies and companies with foreign co-owners that have a clearly defined and established corporate culture, which also includes foreign language communication.

A style guide contains general language principles, such as the correct rendering of numerals, data, units, punctuation, geographical and other names, writing capital letters, choice of British or American English, and last but not least, commonly misused terms.

Areas specific to your corporate environment and business such as the names of products, materials, group companies, individual divisions, departments or sections, and job titles would be included so that the information on your business cards is consistent and corresponds to what you have stated in other documents, on websites, etc. Then there are technical terms and jargon used in your field, including acronyms, abbreviations and symbols.

After we compile this handbook for you and you sign off on it, we will create a simple manual that can be used immediately by all your employees. If you are interested, we will train your key employees.