Key facts

  • We start by understanding your business
  • The essence is to create
    a relationship
  • We will constantly be
    in close, personal cooperation
  • Our linguists will work with your experts and consultants
  • We will perform a language audit – we will create
    a glossary – we will compile a style guide
  • We will communicate/consult with you during the translation – we will learn – we will teach you – we will update and expand the glossary
  • We will ensure quality based on key words

How we work

We start by understanding your business. We will find out how you use foreign language, whether in business, management or professionally.

It is essential for us to build a strong relationship with you. If you work abroad or communicate with foreign customers, suppliers or partners, you must set a high standard of foreign language communication. To do this, you need a professional, long-term partner. For our part, we will be happy to become experts in your foreign language communication needs and we will provide you with professional services, the quality of which draws upon this close and ever developing relationship.

Our services are based on close, personal cooperation. Consultants and employees from both KEYWORD and your company will work together to develop this partnership. In addition to operational matters, we are primarily concerned with the continuous improvement (CI) of services provided.

Simply put, the framework for cooperation takes place in steps: We perform a language audit – we create a glossary – we compile a style guide. There will be a lot of preparation before we get to work. Together we will define range and depth.

As we translate and provide other services, we will constantly communicate and consult any issues with you. It's up to you how much time you can give us. We will learn, we will teach you, we will update and expand the terminology glossary.

Quality assurance (QA) of services provided will be based on the resulting language database – key words.

What can we help you with?