We will teach you

Our mission is to provide highly professional, tailored services based on cooperation and knowledge of your company and field. That's why we do not offer a wide range of language courses at all levels. It is not our ambition to become a universal provider of general language courses.

Foreign language instruction and training are part of our comprehensive linguistic service, but they are not its essence. Through our work with you, we create expertise, which we then apply in all services offered. This means that what we learn, we will teach you. Choose key workers who need to improve in key areas of foreign language communication and we will provide them with tailored service. We can utilise our language audit to help you identify those employees.

In addition to key terminology drawn from our updated terminological glossary we will focus on key skills that your staff will need in their work. We specialise in communication skills, which mainly include presentations, meetings, and negotiations. Our foreign language solutions are based on specific knowledge of your company and its activities. We perform training in presentations, meetings, and negotiations in the form of case studies. That means you can practice your skills over and over before an actual meeting. We will show you how to do it.

All of our work utilises the lexical approach – we draw upon knowledge of professional and specific terminology and coach you to use it actively, fluently and correctly. We will teach you how to learn.