More than a translation

  • Language consultancy
  • Translation and interpreting
  • English for specific purposes (ESP) courses
  • Proofreading of foreign language texts

What we offer

Our array of services begins with foreign language consultancy. With input from your key employees, we'll outline your foreign language needs and evaluate current assets. We offer all types of proofreading of foreign language and Czech texts and we will help you create foreign language documents, presentations and all marketing materials.

The vast majority of our work consists of translation and interpreting from foreign languages to Czech and vice versa. All our key colleagues are linguists with a foreign language university or postgraduate qualification. We provide translations across the entire spectrum of services, from corporate communications to professional texts and press releases. If you are interested, we can also provide graphic and DTP work. We also offer all types of proofing, from language proofreading to professional and pre-print proofs. Last but not least, we offer all types of interpreting of the very best quality thanks to our close relationship with your company and the fact that our interpreter is already acquainted in detail with your key issues.

But the full range of our services does not end here. So far, we've done all the learning. Now it's your turn. We will share our acquired expertise with you. Choose your key employees and we will train them in key skills and teach them to use your key terminology actively and naturally. KEYWORD can offer you tailored skills training and preparation for specific foreign language situations, because it will already have been fully equipped as your key professional partner.

What we will teach you...